Duck Tape® Dry Erase Memo Board

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Grab a roll of Duck Tape® in a fun pattern along with a few handy back to school supplies! This easy to make Dry erase memo board is a great project for you and your kids to make together. Perfect to hang in a locker, or clip into a 3 ring binder (or even on the fridge at home!), this memo board will help your children stay organized and remind them what to bring home for homework and studies.

At my house Duck Tape® is a household necessity, and I am just speaking for my craft room alone! I actually was worried that my beloved roll of Zebra print Duck Tape®  wouldn't have enough left on the roll to finish the project! That's how much I use it! But the upside is I get to go pick out some new fun patterns!

Besides todays memo board project Duck Tape®  is perfect to decorate a book cover, binders, notebooks, pencils, pens and more! 

I have both  boys and a girl in my family so one Zebra print roll just will not do! The only place I head to find a wide selection of fun rolls of  Duck Tape® is Walmart. They have the largest selection in town, I assure you! buy Duck Tape at Walmart

Ok, Let's get started on my Dry Erase Memo Board:


Roll of Duck Tape® in fun pattern 

1 sheet of card stock paper in 8 1/2 x 11 inch size

1 sheet of lined notebook paper

1 clear plastic page protector

glue stick

Dry Erase Marker or Crayon

Embelishments (Such as alphabet stickers)

Old magnets from your fridge if wanting to hang it  in your locker (make sure your mom says ok!)

Hot glue gun (if using magnets for a locker board)



  1. Using the Glue stick, glue the lined notebook paper to the cardstock paper. 
  2. One at a time, cut a piece of Duck Tape® the length of one side of the paper and apply half of it to the edge of the page, so that the other half can wrap around to the back side of the paper.
  3. Repeat this process with the Duck Tape® till all four sides of the paper have a new Duck Tape® edge.
  4. Embelish the notebook paper with any fun stickers. 
  5. Insert page into the clear plastic page protector.
  6. Your memo board is now ready for a 3 ring binder!
  7. If wanting to hang it in a locker or on the refrigerator, have an adult hot glue magnets to the back of the page protector.

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  1. Walmart sells rolls of DUCK Dry Erase Adhesive Backed paper for $3.97
    Much cleaner/easier than gluing and using a page protector...you'd have the REAL THING!

    1. Thanks Susan! I love the idea! Although it is more expensive too! I did all of mine for no cost because I had everything already on hand at home, so for families on a tight budget but still want to do something fun, the homemade version is still a viable option! But it sounds like a fun paper to work with, I wonder how much paper comes in the package? I'll have to look next time the back to school section isn't being mobbed! Thanks for letting people know about the product!


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