Growing Green Onions Indoors

Growing Green Onions indoors is so easy! In less than 2 weeks you can regrow your own bunch of green onions!  In a previous post I showed you how to freeze green onions, and in my next post I'll show you how to dehydrate green onions, but today I'm showing you how easy it is to keep growing your own, right in your kitchen window.

Usually I use as much of the green onions as possible, but if you only want to use the green parts then consider saving the bottoms (the white part) to keep growing your own.

Start by leaving about an inch or so of green parts on each onion,
Place in a glass with some water and leave in a sunny spot.
Within about 12-14 days  you'll have a whole new bunch of green onions to use!

I have regrown mine several times and  I honestly don't know how long you can keep growing them on one stock. If you do this too, how long does yours last?


  1. Wonderful idea/ tip. thank you

  2. A good tip for anyone living in an area where the natural light isn't very good in the winter (like me) is to use artificial light as a supplement so you can grow year-round. Dedicated grow light bulbs are expensive, but you don't need those. A regular fluorescent bulb works just fine. Get one with a daylight spectrum (around 5000 Kelvin) and you're good to go!


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