Homemade Photo Block Ornaments

Homemade photo ornments  using wooden blocks

I try to make a homemade ornament every year to hand out to friends, coworkers,etc. every year. Here is the one I've been playing around with this year.  

I found the idea on sistersstuff.blogspot.com

You will need 1.5 inch wood blocks from any craft store.
Eye hooks or teacup hooks
Mod podge
scrapbooking paper 
photos or clipart 

Nativity Block
1)Cut scrapbooking paper to fit for top, bottom and 2 sides of block
cut photo's or clipart to fit  two sides of block. 
here is the back side of two blocks
My family blocks have 2 sides with the childs photo, the front has the letter of their first name, and the back says Christmas 2011.  My nativity ornament I put a nativity picture, a picture of the wisemen seeking, and a quote on the back that says families are forever, but any religious saying would be great.   

2) Using a sponge brush, spread mod podge on to one side of the block. 
3) Place desired paper/photo on the block.Position quickly.
4) Using scissors trim any excess paper that over hangs the block. 
5) Repeat this step all around block.  
6) Sponge mod podge over entire block to seal. ( it dries quickly)
7) Mark center of the top of block and screw the eye hook or tea cup hook into block.
8) Attach ribbon for hanging and as a bow.

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