I Spy Ornaments

Christmas crafts


These are a fun and easy Christmas Ornament to make. Your children can help you  make them for their friends, or classmates.  You can make them a religious theme or a Santa theme.

Nov. 2011: I have updated this post. Craft stores have now come out with these one piece clear plastic balls that look like the traditional glass ones. The ornaments above really should have more filler in them to hide the I SPY items, but I poured the contents from the old 2 piece (glued together) balls that were smaller. I did these a few years ago and no longer have the filler  to add to the ornaments.

Jans Tip: Wait till after Christmas when the craft stores mark down their christmas items to 50-75% off. You can find all sorts of I Spy items for half the cost. Use the craft stores 40% off coupons that come in many Sunday paper ads to buy the doll pellets throughout the year at nearly half the cost as well!

Plastic clear  ball ornaments (found at craft stores)
Doll pellets or rice for filler (doll pellets found at craft stores in the doll making section next to the fluffy fiber fill stuff).
I SPY items: I like to use confetti shapes. They come in all sorts of holiday shapes. Add in some small miniature ornaments. 
Computer printout tag of the I SPY items for attaching to ornament.

Remove the metal cap from the ornament
Put the I Spy items in the ornament

Pour desired amount of doll pellets or rice into the ornament
here is a close up look at what doll pellets look like:

Replace metal cap on ornament.
Attach tag with list of I Spy contents to metal loop on cap with a ribbon
Attach a ribbon loop for hanging.

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