Footprints In The Sand Ornament

Man from Galilee ornament

A few years ago I made this ornament to give to a few neighbors, coworkers, etc., although I had originally used a different quote.  It is inexpensive and super easy and quick, too.

In this version I didn't use the entire Footprints in the sand poem, but just edited it down to a phrase. You can adapt this idea to suit your preferences.
The Second quote I used several years ago was: When you see this ornament upon the tree, remember the Man from Galilee. I used a picture of Christ walking along the shores of Galilee as the background picture.

Here's how I made it:
Clear plastic ornament balls (I  pd. 99 cents ea.)
1 bottle of sand from the dollar store (craft section)
1 bag of mini shell beads (I got them in the bead section of the craft store. I paid $1.99 at Hobby Lobby )
1 mini funnel (found in the craft store next to the colored sand)
1 tag with quote made from your computer and printed onto white cardstock
hole punch
Hot Glue Gun/glue
1) Pull metal cap off the ornament.
2) Holding ornament stable, insert funnel into opening and pour in desired amount of sand into ornament)
3) plop 3-4 mini shell beads into the ornament so they rest on top of the sand.
4) use a little hot glue around rim of ornament and reinsert metal cap onto ornament, letting glue help secure the cap onto the ornament. (this will help with the added weight of the sand.)
5) Use ribbon to make a hanger
5) hole punch the top of your poem tag and attach through the metal hanging loop with a ribbon tying a bow to finish it off.
Jan's tip: Buy the sand & the ribbon at the dollar store not the craft store. I didn't find small enough shell beads at the dollar store so bought them at the craft store.

Another way to maybe make this would be to print the poem out on clear transparency paper as a wallet sized photo size. Cut it out and pop it inside the ornament so the bottom of the transparency rests on top of the sand and the top corners curl around the top part of the glass ball which will hold the transparency in place.  I haven't tried this yet, but somewhere around the house I have a left over transparency of Christ from putting them in ornaments. If I find it I'll do it and upload a photo so you can see if you like it.
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