Thrifty Ways to Sanitize Your Toothbrush

Photo Credit: http://office.microsoft.com

Last night my 20 year old daughter was suddenly attacked by a horrible stomach virus. After sterilizing my bathroom several times, I remembered we'd need to replace her toothbrush after she's better. I've always been good about replacing them when we've been sick, and when the dentist gives us a new one at every cleaning, but I began to wonder if I should have been more vigilant about sterilizing them regularly, especially with flu and cold season upon us.

I began to do some research.  Those fancy UV light toothbrush sanitizers are costly and truthfully not always effective at penetrating down through the whole bristle to get the germs that are at the bottom of the bristle.  There is no need to spend alot of money. Follow these tips from:Livestrong.com

  • Soak your toothbrushes  daily bristle side down in a cup of antibacterial mouthwash for 15 minutes, then rinse and air dry, bristles up.
  • 2 tsp. of baking soda desolved in a glass of cool water can be used in place of the mouthwash., or you can pour 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water in place of the mouthwash also.
  • Once a week soak your toothbrushes bristles submerged  in a cup of white vinegar overnight. rinse in the morning. Be sure to use white vinegar so you don't discolor your bristles.
  • Once a month run the toothbrushes in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Microwaving your toothbrush has been controversial in some ways. Some experts say it will only work if the toothbrush is wet. The microwaves heat the water and the water kills the germs. (Like the dishwasher).

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