Gift Tag Stamp

Making your own gift tag stamp is super easy & inexpensive.  It is so versatile and economical. There are times you don't want to include a card with a gift, say for a child's birthday or a co-worker where you signed a group card. Making a stamp that can be used  directly on a gift bag and used over and over is a very cute solution!

My cost for the stamp was about $2.00 dollars total (but could be made cheaper without the handle attached)
Here's what the stamp looks like:



1 wooden gift tag shape (found at craft stores or cut out your own)
1 package of foam shoe inserts (from dollar store)
optional: 1 wooden knob or game piece for handle
hot glue gun
hole punch


using a pen/marker trace outline of tag onto one shoe insert:

Cut out tag shape from foam insert:

Using a hole punch (I used a strong 3 hole punch) punch a hole in the center of the tapered end of the foam insert:

The foam tag has a "paper" feeling side and a foam side. you will want to hot glue the paper'y side to the wooden tag leaving the foam side exposed for stamping with ink.

If desired hot glue the wooden knob to the tag. (I actually prefer to use the tag w/out the knob)
I spray painted the wooden top of the tag/knob with leftover spray paint to give it a finished look. Do not spray paint the foam underside!

Your tag is ready to use on a stamp pad and gift bag or package!

 Once the inked tag is dry on the gift bag / package use a sharpie or dark pen to write the To & From's. embelish with a hand drawn string from the hole punched circle to finish it off.

Jan's tip: if you want to use different colored ink pads I recommend making a few extra pads or make sure ink on bottom of stamp is completely dry before switching colors.

Make Your Own To & From Tag Stamp

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