5 Minute Cinnamon Roll Waffles


Grab your waffle iron instead of your baking sheet for this fun version of cinnamon rolls! I promise your family will be gobbling them up so fast your head will spin!
Quick Cinnamon Rolls

I ran across this wonderful little idea, saved the website,  so I could give proper credit for it, and of course, can't find it. Until I do let me clarify I am not responsible for any future addictions you develop to these little pieces of heaven.  

Let's get started:


1 can of store bought pop open and bake type cinnamon rolls


Preheat waffle iron as you would for making regular waffles. 
Spray both top and bottom with non stick cooking spray.
Open can of cinnamon roll, set aside the icing packet for later, and place one roll in each section of your waffle iron

Close lid of your waffle iron and bake for approximately 2 minutes, until tops are golden brown. (The sides of the cinnamon roll waffles  will be soft to the touch)

Remove waffles to a serving plate.

Spray both top and bottom of waffle iron with non stick spray and repeat the cooking process for the remaining 4 unbaked rolls.

When all the cinnamon rolls are done and piled on a plate, snip open a corner of the icing packet that came with the rolls and drizzle completely over the tops of all the waffles.

Now Enjoy!

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

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