Repurposed Sweater Wreath

Less than a dollar Valentine Wreath from repurposing an old sweater and coffee filters

Being on a tight budget these days, most of us do not have a lot of extra money to decorate for holidays.  I wanted to find a way to make a Valentines wreath by spending almost no money. Here's what I came up with.  
I had a styrofoam wreath from the dollar store on hand.  My daughter had cut the sleeves off of a sweater her dad was about to send to the donation bin, to make cute leg warmers.  I decided to repurpose the rest of the sweater and cut four long 1 -1 1/2 inch strips from the back of the sweater from the waist up to the neck and used these to wrap around the styrofoam wreath.  Since I was working without a plan, I didn't hot glue the strips down, but used sewing pins to secure the sweater, but hot gluing the ends of the strips to the wreath would secure it as well.

I then used coffee filters ( I don't drink coffee so got a few from a friend) to make DIY Watercolor Roses. I hot glued 3 roses to one bottom side of the wreath and using a few scraps of ribbon on hand, hot glued in a few ribbon loops as well to finish it off.  
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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post, my girlfriend in college used to say "Oh Mylanta" all the time, thanks for the memory, she was adorable and so southern like, and I think she was from here in Toronto, so it made me smile even more :)

  2. This is so super-awesome! I too,am on a very tight budget and want to repurpose items for decorating. I have tons of old sweaters! I was planning to make winter hats from these or maybe christmas stockings. Love the leg-warmer idea,too. Your wreath, which cost almost nothing, is one of the prettiest I've seen! (I have spent hours looking on web at all types of decor ideas). Thanks for such a good idea!

    1. You made my day Cheryl! Thanks!


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