No Cost Outdoor Spring Wreath

Wreath using recycled items

This pretty outdoor wreath was made by recycling plastic newspaper bags! Perfect for hanging outdoors. I also recycled  a styrofoam wreath from the dollar store as well as left over dollar store flowers from my Spring Flower Cubes. My wreath was free, but if you are starting from scratch you could do it for $2-3 dollars for the cost of one wreath and one-two bunches of flowers from the dollar store after adding in your own recycled plastic bags.

Here's how I made mine;

1 styrofoam wreath
10-12 newspaper bags
12 flower heads
hot glue gun

1) Cut Newspaper bags into strips.

2) Each strip should still be attached into a circle shape.  cut through one end of the circle to create a long strip.

4) Tie strips around the wreath as close together as possible with the knots along the outside edge of the wreath.

5) Pull the flower heads off of their stems.  Hot glue the flowers to the front of the wreath.

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