Chain Letter Care Package

I found this cute little idea on Martha Stewart.com. By connecting 7 envelopes (or more) together you can tuck in a weeks worth of notes, and small candies, gift cards, etc. for your loved one.  It is easy yet has such a personal touch that it is guaranteed to make the recipient smile! 

It is a great little idea for sending along in your child's luggage to camp, or to send overseas when you need to send small items. What about a friend going through a rough time or chemo treatments? The possibilities for this idea are endless! I made this one to send for a birthday. The recipient gets to see what is in one envelope every day of her birthday week.  

I bought a cute little pack of note cards from the dollar store.  Lay the first envelope flat on work surface. Glue the flap of the second envelope underneath the first envelope so they are connected.( You should be able to fold the envelopes) 

Continue gluing envelopes together in a chain. 
Number or label the envelopes such as 1-7 or Sunday-Saturday
I decided to make the envelopes a bit prettier by trimming down the cards from the pack I bought and insert and glue down to the visible part of the envelopes:
You could use scrap booking paper also.

After tucking in my treats, gifts and notes, I folded the envelopes up accordion style. My note cards came with a pretty ribbon tied around them,so I reused it to re-tie the chain letter as well.
Tuck in a note with instructions, and it is set to go!

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