Thrifty Pantry Can Organizer

This no cost can organizer for your pantry is super easy and only takes 5 minutes to do! Ask your neighbors or coworkers to save you their cardboard soda (or pop if your from the midwest/west) can boxes, and you can slowly build your own pantry organizers at no cost.

I came across a version of this from www.thenshemade.com. Her instructions also go over if you want to cover them in scrapbooking paper and modge podge to make them super cute. I love super cute! BUT, the likelihood of me having time to do that is nil. SO, I did one to show you, but mine are just the plain boxes with labels.

My version cuts the hole in the back to put in the cans differently then the inspiration version. If you want to cover it in paper, I suggest doing that first and then proceeding to make the hole for the back of the dispenser.

Here's how I did mine:

Save the pull off tab that opens up a newly purchased box , you will be using it as a template to cut out the back side of the box.  (you can save one and just re-use it over and over)
If you have a flattened box, just tape the ends together with a sturdy packaging tape.

Place the pull off tab template over the opposite side of the box and trace around it:

Take a pair of scissors along the back flaps, to the corner and cut down to the drawn template line and cut out the template from the box:

It should now look like this:

Label one end and your ready to load with cans:

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