Surprise Filled Gift Balls

creative ways to give a gift

This fun gift giving idea may look like just a ball of yarn, but it's really a bunch of little gifts wrapped layer by layer.  The recipient has to unwind the entire ball of yarn to receive all the gifts that are hidden inside!

This is a fun idea for Mothers or Fathers day, graduations, birthdays or anytime!(I can totally see a bunch of fishing lures and supplies wind up in a ball of twine or fishing line, for Fathers' day).  You don't have to use any special kind of yarn or string and in fact can keep layering and using different materals such as ribbon, jute, etc. if you'l like. You'll want at least enough to make a large grapefruit or small melon sized ball.  I used two kinds of yarn.

I ran across this idea at a great site called gomakesomething.com, you should check them out.

Here's how I made mine:

Gather any amount of small gift items that you'd like.  I used 6-8 items I think.
Start with your biggest item, in my case was a gift card and start winding the yarn around the item.
Keep winding the yarn in all directions till first item is nearly covered. Add another gift somewhere on the yarn ball and start wrapping it in also. (I like to go from biggest gift to smallest when choosing what to add next)

Jan's tip: In the middle of this project, you'll think, it's not coming together in a ball shape. Keep going! Because we started with the biggest most awkward shapes first it'll take a while before you can start to round it out a bit. The more yarn and more layers the more the ball will take shape.
Continue wrapping and shaping the gift into a ball shape, adding gifts as you desire. Also feel free to change types of yarn/ribbon etc anytime during the process. I chose to tie the two ends of the different yarns together, but you don't have to. 

Here's my finished ball.  I made a small gift tag and tied it near the end of the piece of string. I just tucked the end of the string in  a small loop under another piece so they could find it easier, but you can hide it by tucking it into the ball if you'd like.