Repurposed & Reusable Centerpiece Form

Head straight to the airconditioning section of your hardware store for this centerpiece holder! It's different but soooo versatile and handy to use in so many settings! From weddings to every holiday you can use these simple HVAC items to turn into a creative and beautiful centerpiece.

A wonderful  centerpiece form that you can use to make centerpieces  of endless variety for years to come is just waiting for you in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) aisle of your local hardware store!

An HVAC vent cap ( I use the Shanty/Round) vent cap is perfect for making centerpieces of any variety!  They come in several sizes. I used a  smaller 4 inch vent for this picture, but I love the 8 inch ones, because the center opening is wide enough to nestle up to 3 candles of different heights together to create a tiered look to the candles.   I found mine at Home Depot.

The great thing about using the Shanty/Round vent cap is that it can hold water, is a great height for a centerpiece, and can be used over and over for any kind of party or gathering.  They range in price from about $6-$8 dollars each.

You may not be able to tell in the picture above, but I spray painted over the sheet metal with a super pretty brushed satin nickel metallic spray paint from Krylon. (Their brushed Satin metallic paint colors are breathtaking!) I chose a simple silver nickel so it would go with pretty much any table setting but a bronze, or gold or any color.. would be great!

Once you spray paint them here's where your creativity kicks in. I used a candle in the center of mine. and then filled the bottom with some water and tucked some hydrangea cuttings from my yard in the side pieces. You can't really see it in the picture but I wrapped a ribbon around the round center part.  Silk flowers will work also. Think Christmas and poinsettia flowers, etc., Thanksgiving with autumn mums and mini pumpkins on skewers poked down in there. Fill in the gaps with greenery as needed.

Another great use for them is as a serving piece.  PLace salad or dessert plates on the main section and fill in the side sections with napkins rolled up, silverware etc.

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