Fall Football Wreath

 College Football Wreath

Creating this Fall Football Wreath centered around our favoritecollege team, was easy using fabric and ribbons.
You can make one easily to suit your favorite team, including your local high school's team. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how I made mine.


an 18 inch (or any size) wire wreath form
various fabrics and ribbons  that are in your team colors
Playing around with a new wreath for my
son & daughter-in-law

Optional Embelishments:
Wooden Letters that represent your team such as V.T. for Virginia Tech
Wooden football shapes


Cut fabrics and ribbons into desired lengths. I found about 6 inch strips was about right for me, play around with a few pieces before you go cutting everything up.

The wire wreath form has 4 rows of wire you can use.  I played around with different ways of tying on my fabric/ribbon strips and here's what I liked best.

On the last wire on the outside edge of the wreath I tied the darkest team color around the wreath. (Burgandy for me)
On the next wire I tied the second team color (Orange) .

 I then tied various fabrics (including some Virginia Tech fabric and orange burlap I found at JoAnn's Fabrics) and ribbons in various patterns around the 2 most inner wires together, so that each strip of fabric covered the 2 wires together, in a random pattern so that it gave it a scrappy look.

This meant that the outer 2 wires each had their own color as a base for the wreath and the inner 2 wires were used together to tie the hodge podge of ribbons/fabric.

Next I nailed the 2 letters together and drilled holes in the letters along a few edges that would be touching the wreath form. I used a ribbon from the wreath to feed through the holes and tie the wooden letters to the wreath form filling the middle of the wreath.

I hot glued a wooden football shape (Found at JoAnn's Fabrics) to the bottom of the wreath as shown.
Football Wreath

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