Master Mix: Sugar Free Oatmeal Packets

Make Your Own Sugar Free Oatmeal Packets

Finding breakfast options for my diabetic husband that fit into an on the go schedule can be quite a challenge. It needs to be hearty enough to match up to his insulin injections,  as well as, pack a nutritional punch.

Over the years we tried to buy the sugar free or low sugar instant oatmeal packets, to put into his breakfast choices. The problem is that they just don't stand up all morning long, and the ingredients aren't all that exciting.

So, I developed my own recipe. I use whole oats,  ground flax seed for added fiber (which helps stabilize blood sugar), ground cinnamon (which also helps lower blood sugars), along with some chopped nuts (which can help lower heart disease ), and dried fruit adds vitamins, fiber, and flavor options without substantially raising blood sugars.  I make them into ziplock bags that are individually portioned so he can grab one and make it on those busy mornings where time is short.

 My husband reports that the mornings that he eats a bowl of this Oatmeal mix, his blood sugars stay up almost all the way to lunch before he needs a healthy snack to tide him over! That's great news! It means his sugar levels are not too high or low and we really feel that for him this Oatmeal mix has made a huge difference in his glucose numbers!

Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

I love that you can be flexible and add or subtract ingredients to your own preference.  I'll share my basic recipe with you, but feel free to play around with it.

Jan's Tip: Did you know chia seeds are good for diabetics? They help slow digestion and stabilize blood sugars, so consider adding in a sprinkling of chia seeds to your packets too! (Or sprinkle into yogurt!)

Sugar Free Oatmeal Packets
(makes 1 packet)


1/2 cup whole oats
1/2 Tablespoon ground flax seed
1 Tablespoon chopped nuts (walnuts, almonds or pecans)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2-3 Tablespoons zero calorie brown baking sugar (for diabetics) (I just buy the generic store brand)
1/8 cup dry fruit such as : (dehydrated chopped apples, raisins, dehydrated blueberries, etc)

Mix all ingredients into a ziplock sandwich bag. Store in cool, dry place till ready to cook.

Microwave Cooking:   In microwave safe bowl combine contents of oatmeal packet with 1 cup water.  Microwave on high  1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Remove from oven. Mix well before serving. (microwaves vary so times are approximate).
Stove top Cooking: Bring 1 cup water to a rolling boil.  Add in oatmeal packet and stir. Reduce to medium heat and cook 1 minute stirring occasionally.  Cover and remove from heat. Let stand 2-3 minutes before serving.

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  1. I have a 9yo grandson, that I help take care of, who is type 1 diabetic. This sounds like just what he needs. I'm trying to wean him off the sugar cereals that he is used to at home. Just reading this post makes me feel closer to you in just meeting you! I'm a new follower visiting from the Blogaholic July blog hop, just getting around to you. Julie @ http://icreatepurtythangs.blogspot.com.

    1. Julie, I'm so happy to meet you! It can be such a challenge to be a child and a diabetic. It's so hard not to feel different! Just keep trying, the lessons will take hold as he grows into adulthood so keep it up! I hope these oatmeal Packets will give him another food choice. (He may love being able to customize them himself w/ dehyrdated apples, etc.) Good luck!

  2. Leslianne:4/14/2017

    I would love to make these part of my 72 hour kit! Do you know the shelf life on the packs?

    1. I don't! I would love to do it too! I would think if we added an oxygen pack and air sealed them and rotated them out every 6 months or what.. a year.. would it be good????? I just am not sure.. but I wouuld love to do it too!

  3. What a great idea! We are an oatmeal loving household, so this would be perfect for us!


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