Scrappy Decoupaged Pumpkins

There cute little pumpkins were easy to make and  easy on the wallet too! Fun just for yourself or pick up a few pumpkins and set aside for the next rainy day that you want to do a holiday craft with your kids, grandkids, or your next babysitting job.   

I used the small plastic pumpkins that are less than a dollar each at most stores. I saved money by using scrapbooking paper I already had on hand, but there are some cute autumn papers at craft stores for 50 cents a page. 

small plastic pumpkins
scrapbooking paper
modge podge brand or make your own: (regular glue and water: equal proportions mixed together)
sponge brush

1) Lay a layer of wax paper (or recycle a cereal bag liner and open it up at the seams) onto your work surface. (the pumpkins and the sponge brushes won't stick to the wax paper as you work)

2) tear your scrapbooking paper into random pieces.

Jan's tip: If you use a dark colored paper (like my orange pumpkin) when you tear it you'll see white edges. I decided to trim away the exposed white edges so they wouldn't show on the pumpkin.

3) Dip your sponge brush into the Modge Podge /glue (I used the homemade version for this project), and spread onto a small area of your pumpkin. 

4) Select a piece of torn paper and hold it onto the glued area of the pumpkin, while spreading glue all over the top of the torn paper,smoothing it out and  adhering it to the pumpkin on all edges.

5) repeat process, covering your pumpkin in torn paper, overlapping the pieces to ensure you fully cover the pumpkin.

6) Let dry on your wax paper for several hours  till dry. 

7) If desired (especially if you use the homemade version) you may want to spray it with a clear acrylic sealer. I did not do this step in the photo's shown, but it will help seal and preserve your handiwork longer than left not sealed. With Modge Podge Brand, you won't need to seal it with the acyrilic spray. 

Jan's tip: after experimenting I found I didn't like working with geometric patterns as much such as the polka-spots, or I tried an argyle pattern. It looses it's pattern when you tear through it and looked kinda sad. Much better to use swirled prints (like the orange) or random prints (like the cream floral one)


  1. the kids and I are gonna try this! pinned it!


    1. Let me know how it goes, or email your pics and I'll put them on the facebook page!


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