Scrappy Fabric Autumn Wall Hanging

This cute wall hanging was made using left over or repurposed items I had around the house.  The only thing I spent money on was the autumn fabric for less than a dollar.

Here's how I did it:

11 x14 frame
11 x 14  frame mat w/ 8x10 opening
scrap burlap material
fall fabric (enough to cut out an 8x10 size square)
fusible web (heavy duty) (this is the stuff that irons fabrics to each other, and comes from ultra light to heavy duty)
fall embelishments: Leaves, buttons, etc.
hot glue gun


1) Using the mat board as a guide, cut out burlap to be about an inch smaller in diameter than the mat board.
(see my tip for cutting out burlap at the bottom of this post!)
2) Use the 8x10 opening of the mat to mark the cutting lines onto the back side of the fall fabric

3) cut out the fall fabric along the pencil lines you drew
4) Cut out fusible web material (with the paper backing on it) to fit the 8 x 10 fall fabric swatch. and iron onto the fall fabric according to package directions.

5) Peel off paper backing from fall fabric

6) Center the fall fabric onto the burlap and iron the two together according to the fusible web package directions:

7) Iron small strips of fusible web to the back side egdes of the burlap so that it can be ironed onto the mat board.

8) Peel off paper backing on strips of fusible web. Turn burlap right side up and center into desired position on mat board and iron the burlap to the mat board.

9) Remove glass from picture frame and put fabric covered mat board into frame and replace backing on frame.
10) Embelish picture as you desire with ribbons, buttons, leaves, etc.

1) find the desired place you'd like to cut fabric and find the end of the string closest to that line.

Gently pull that string to remove it from the burlap. If it happens to break on you, don't worry,just follow the line (it's easy to spot) up to the spot where it broke and start pulling the rest of the string out.

Now you should have a nice little gap between rows that makes a nice straight line for cutting!

Just let scissors cut along the new cutting line!


  1. I love the double fabric display! Great idea, any excuse for orange burlap is fine by me.

    1. Thanks! I love the orange burlap too!


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