Honey Lemon Sore Throat Tea Base

Honey Lemon Tea Base

In the time it takes to slice a lemon you can make this tea concentrate for soothing sore throats.  This tea base is thrifty to make yet very soothing.  Keep a jar in the refrigerator all winter long, or make for a sick friend.

The idea for this wonderful stuff is from: catherine boley. She doesn't tell you how much to mix in with the hot water, so you can do it to your own taste. I added about 6-8 tablespoons (I measured them out for ya!) and liked that.  You can taste both the lemon and the honey for sure.

The lemon gives you a burst of Vitamin C, Honey is not only soothing it does contain some antibacterial properties, and you could easily add Ginger  to the tea for some anti nausea as well.

Jan's Tip:  The juice from the lemon thins out the honey so it doesn't stay quite as thick as honey.
Slice lemons into wedges.
and store in glass jar that has a lid.


 Pour honey into jar filling in between the slices                      
 Cover jar with lid and store in refrigerator.

To Use;
Heat one cup water to desired temperature, Add in one big ol' glop of honey-lemon tea base ( I used 6-8 Tblsp.) Stir till mixed. Sip carefully ( remember you made it hot right?).


  1. This is great! Should it stay good for a long time?

    1. It should last for quite awhile. It's the lemon juice though that'll be what shortens it's life span, but a 3-4 weeks for sure should be good if kept refrigerated.

  2. Do you mean grab one slice of lemon with honey and place it in the warm water while we put the rest of the lemon-honey back in the fridge?

    1. Nicole when I went to answer your question , I noticed how "wierd" the post looked. Not sure how or when that happened! I have fixed it so it doesn't look so crazy!
      To make the tea, leave all the lemons in the jar, but just mix a heaping teaspon of the lemon infused honey into one cup of hot water. Although you certainly could float one of the lemon wedges into your tea. That would be just fine too! Hope this helped! Yes put the remaining jar of honey /lemon mix back in fridge.


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