Pink Hot Cocoa Mix

Strawberry Hot Cocoa Mix

I am starting a new Thrifty Holidays Series,.Every Friday till Christmas I'll post a thrifty gift idea you can make for your holiday giving.  My first  Thrifty Gift  is Pink Hot Cocoa Mix.

 With the air turning chilly and cups of hot cocoa in the ready, this non-chocolate hot cocoa is not only tasty, it is fun and a great substitute for the non-chocolate lover in your family who may feel left out during hot cocoa time.

Whether you want to call it Pink Hot Cocoa or Strawberry Hot Cocoa, this 4 -ingredient mix takes less than 5 minutes to mix up.  It would be a cute gift  in a pretty jar or those Hot Cocoa Cone bags topped with mini marshmallows and tied with a cute bow. It makes about 6 cups of mix, so you'll have plenty to store some in a larger airtight container for yourself as well as several affordable gifts.
Pink Hot Chocolate Mix

Pink Hot Cocoa

16 oz. pkg. Powdered Strawberry Drink Mix
25.6 oz. pkg. powdered milk
6 oz. jar of powdered non-dairy creamer
1 cup. Sugar or Sugar substitute. (feel free to adjust this amount to your own preference)

Mix together all ingredients; Store in an airtight container. To Serve, place one cup hot/boiling water in a mug, stir in 3-4 heaping Tablepoons of mix.  Makes about 6 cups of mix. 

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