Make Your Own Moisturizing Hand Cream

Make Hand Cream

This weeks Thrifty Gift Friday has us making a trip to the dollar store to make these great bottles of moisturizing Hand Cream.  Winter skin leaves most of us feeling dry and what a simple yet wonderful gift of mixing together your own customized  batches of hand cream, all with easy to find items from your dollar store.

There are a ton of recipes for making your own hand lotions or creams and they are all wonderful, but I just don't have time in my crazy life to be tracking down ingredients from different stores or sources, so I came up with my own. It will only take you like 5 minutes to make these gifts, yet they have that "Wow, you make your own lotion?, what a thoughtful gift!" reaction from the recipients.

Feel free to play around with the idea and customize the "recipe" to suit your own preferences.

Jan's Tip: I chose to use 2 (10 oz. each) Tubes of the Dermasil Lotion because I felt it was a better quality than the more generic 20 oz. bottles of lavender or aloe, or cocoa butter. Feel free to use any lotion you want to.  

Moisturizing Hand Cream

1 large (20 oz.) bottle of lotion (any kind)
1 (10 oz) bottle of the CREAMY baby oil
1 (4.5 oz.) CREAMY petroleum jelly
1 (4.5 oz) CREAMY  Cocoa butter petroleum jelly (yep it's a Vaseline lotion  infused with cocoa butter!)
Optional add-ins: or in place of any of the above ingredients:  Vitamin E. oil, coconut oil (it has the consistency of shortening), aloe, jojoba oil, etc.

Jan's Tip: Other than the lotion, the other ingredients listed are all CREAMY versions:  baby oil  and  the Petroleum (a.k.a.Vaseline) is the creamy version (so it looks and feels like a white lotion!) Make sure you get all the CREAMY versions!
If you are worried that the creamy baby oil might make the lotion too "greasy" I don't find the finished product to be sticky or greasy, it absorbs into your skin fairly quickly, but not instantly so if you are concerned  you can leave it out.


Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and spoon into gift bottles. (Small canning jelly jars or baby food jars would be great for this. you'd get more than I did if you use these smaller jars.)

A word about adding fragrance: Many people like myself are sensitive to fragrances. They trigger migraines for me. If giving gifts I generally don't add fragrance oils, but if you do want one, go with a soft vanilla. Your instinct may be lavender, but that is a huge migraine trigger for many people, so just a suggestion to consider!

Label jars
Here's the cute free printables I used

My jars hold about 8 oz. each. They were from the dollar store. So lets add this up:
If you use your own jars  you only paid $4.00 dollars total and got anywhere from 3 gifts to maybe 5 or 6 gifts depending on the size jars you use!  so that's less than a dollar a gift, yet it is sooooo cute!

If you buy jars than it's just a little bit more, but still probably less than $2.00 a gift

I mean how else can you spend less than $5.00 on supplies and make a ton of cute gifts in 5 minutes flat! That's what I call, cute, thrifty and swifty!


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