Chocolate Kisses Gift Bags & Poem

This weeks Thrifty Gift Friday are these cute containers or treat bags filled with chocolate kisses with a holiday poem attached.They are the perfect  super easy, no stress gift tfor giving away to teachers, co-workers, neighbors, or sunday school classes. 

Back in August during back to school sales I picked up these small pencil cases for less than 50 cents each, in anticipation of using them for filling with cute holiday treats to give away.

I attached a poem that I have had in my files for years, with a little tweaking of my  own. Feel free to tweak the poem yourself to suit your own needs!

Jan's Tip: Celebrate Chanukah? (or have a friend/co-worker that does?)
Or need a non-religious poem?
see my alternate poems at the bottom of the post for ideas!

Do you want to make a lot of small treats?    
Just use less kisses (one of each color/kind in the poem) in small cellophane treat bags and attach the poem as a package topper:

The color of the Kisses wrappers correspond with the colors in the poem:

The world is in need of “KISSES” the whole year through.  
So here’s a little sampler with notes on what you can do.

The spirit of Christmas is MINT to be shared throughout the year.
CHERRY CORDIAL means this year to be more cheery and cordial to all you meet. 
RED, GOLD, & GREEN are the colors the season rings, which stands for Compassion, Joy, and Charity which we should give no matter what life brings.
Purple is a special color of royalty to remind us to make everyone feel special as we are all Children of God.
Just as the world needs kisses, make sure to share “HUGS” too.
And in this season, remember in your heart and in your mind, of what the Savior did for you and for “Almond”  kind too!



Want to use a different poem?
Here are some really cute ones from craftsayings.com. There are a TON more than I'm posting here for all kinds of occasions so save that site for future reference!
Chanukah Kisses 
Long ago the little oil burned 
and for eight days there was light 
To commemorate the miracle of oil 
I give you these kisses shiny and bright 
Happy Chanukah! 

Chanukah Kisses 
This little bag, 
Filled with kisses, 
Is given to you, 
With Happy Chanukah wishes! 

Chanukah Kisses 
The Festival of Light, 
A wondrous celebration, 
Of miracles and happiness, 
Of Jewish rededication. 
To help you celebrate, 
This joyous holiday, 
I give you these eight kisses, 
One for every day! 

Rudolph with his nose so bright, 
Sends you these bright kisses, 
To wish you Merry Christmas, 
And many happy wishes!! 

For the elves: 
Santa's little helpers, 
Are busy making toys, 
But send you these sweet kisses, 
For extra holiday joy! 

Grinch Kisses 
The Grinch was mean and stingy 
He never wanted to share 
Til a little Who in Whoville 
Taught him how to care 
Now the Grinch is filled with love 
And sends Grinch Kisses to you 
He hopes you have a Merry Holiday 
And a Happy New Year too! 

Gingerbread man: 
The Gingerbread man is very fast, 
Very fast indeed, 
But he did stop long enough, 
To share some Christmas glee! 
He sends you these sweet kisses, 
In hopes you will enjoy, 
And wishes Merry Christmas, 
To every girl and boy! 

Frosty is full of magic, 
Full of love and joy, 
And wants to share his happiness, 
With every girl and boy. 
He sends out these sweet kisses, 
In hopes that you will find, 
The Christmas Joy this holiday, 
And not be left behind. 

Alternate Frosty version compliments of SallyIndy: 

Frosty is full of magic, 
laughter, giggles and fun 
And wants to share his happiness, 
With just about everyone 
He sends out these sweet kisses, 
In hopes that you will find, 
The Christmas Joy this holiday, 
And not be left behind. 

Angels led the shepards, 
To the promised one, 
Sang to all his glory, 
Gave hope to everyone. 
They send you these sweet kisses, 
Full of Hope and Love, 
To remind you that this season, 
Is about God's only son. 

I saw an angel flying by granting Christmas wishes 
And I thought you could use some of these angel kisses. 
Angel kisses have God's blessing and the special power to 
cheer you up and make you smile when you're feeling blue. 
Just one angel kiss will make your troubles disappear, 
and suddenly everything will become crystal clear. 
Just reach right in the bag to receive your angel kiss, 
and soon you'll feel a sense of warmth and happiness. 
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