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These super cute tree's are not only easy, they are inexpensive too!  It took me less than an hour total from start to finish to make these and they are perfect on a shelf or mantle for the holidays.

The only think I purchased was the cones, I used yarn and embellishments that I already had at home in an effort to keep it in the thrifty category.

Have you seen the price of those styrofoam cones? They are just too darned expensive!!!! The dollar store has a size about the size of my smallest tree, but if you want the larger ones, they are anywhere from $6-$10 each! No way was I going to pay that!  I was considering using a cereal box and make my own cones but just in the nick of time find these cardboard cones at the craft store for pretty cheap, so I grabbed them and used a 40% off coupon for one item, so got the large cone for even cheaper!
Large Cone: $2.49, Medium Cone: $1.99 Small cone: $1.49

Yarn Tree's
Glue (craft or regular white glue is fine)
Sponge brush
Embellishments: ric rac, ribbon, flowers, buttons
hot glue gun


1) Using sponge brush, apply some glue to a small section   of your cone all the way around. I applied glue to about a 1/3rd of the cone at a time.
Jan's Tip: On the first cone I started at the bottom, on the other cones I started at the top. It was easy either way, so doesn't matter which end you start with.
2) Start wrapping the end of the yarn at the base of the cone, when you reach all the way around keep wrapping tightly laying the next row against the first row all the way around.

3) Keep applying glue to your cone and wrapping yarn. Stopping along the way, make sure your rows are tight and no gaps with the cone peeking through.

4) When cone is completely wrapped in yarn, cut the other end of the yarn and gently glue down the end.
5) Using a hot glue gun and your chosen embellishments such as ribbon, ric rac, buttons and flowers, finish off your trees.
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  1. I love these!! I was thinking of making some “cone trees” with scrapbooking paper. This is a great idea too. Where did you get your red & white string?

    1. Kasey I got it at Michaels. I have a ton left over so if you want to use it you know where to find me!

  2. those are really cute, I like that you can do whatever type of yarn you want.

    1. Thanks Sue! It was super easy.

  3. So Cute Jan! Picking up cones this afternoon! These will be great gifts for friends at the office!

    1. Thanks! I was thinking the same thing, but couldn't seem to talk myself into taking these off my mantel! Let me know how they turn out!


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