DIY: Holiday Serving Tray #2

Taking a plate of cookies or treats to a neighbor, coworker, or friend can be dressed up a notch without breaking the bank!  This idea just takes a simple holiday plate and turns it into a simple elevated platter for just pennies!

The stores are full of cute plastic/melamine holiday themed plates and bowls.

Just buy a cute plate and a matching bowl.

 Jan's Tip:  I bought a different bowl that matched but was cheaper than the ones with the plates.) Plate: $1.00, bowls: 3 for $1.00 so this tray was $1.33.

 Want it even cheaper? Wait and buy these plates and bowls after the holidays when items are on clearance and save them for next year! Super thrifty! 

Turn the bowl upside down and hot glue the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the plate.

Variation: Make this a reversible chip & dip platter on the other side: Buy 2  plastic plate charges  and one bowl.   Hot glue the bottom of the bowl to the center front side of one plate (The chip and dip side).
Flip this so that the bowl is upside down on the work surface and glue the back of the 2nd plate to the back of the first plate.

Jan's Tip: I chose plastic plate chargers for this variation, because for me, the bowls take up too much space on a standard plate for the chip & dip side. I like the size of the chargers better for this variation. More room for the chips/crackers!
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