Easy to Make Gift Ideas:(You Still Have Time!)

If you are looking for a few easy to make and budget friendly gift ideas, here's a few from the Tip Garden vault from the past year!  You can click on the name of each one to take you to the directions for that idea!

1) Surprised Filled Gift Balls

These fun little balls are filled with small gifts wrapped layer by layer in yarn, ribbon, crepe paper, what ever you'd like. They have to unwind the entire thing to get all their gifts out! Fun way to give several inexpensive gifts together!

2) Two Ingredient Body Scrub

Two ingredients that you already have on hand at home can make a wonderful body/foot/hand scrub!

3) Handwarmers

These pocket sized microwavable handwarmers were made WITHOUT a sewing machine! Super easy and thrifty with scraps of fabric and some rice!

4)  Dry Erase Memo Board

Using a dollar store frame and some scrap booking paper, you can make a cute dry erase memo board. Make a Love Note board, a grocery list board, a honey do list board.....

5) Handwritten Recipe Dish Towel

I've made these cute dishtowels  both  by copying my families heirloom handwritten recipes and also by , having children  "write/draw"  what they think their Moms' or Grandmothers recipe is for their favorite treat!


6) Chocolate Magic Shell

Who wouldn't love to receive a gift of homemade magic shell? What a fun neighbor gift! Two ingredients is all it takes. Put it in an empty frosting container and download this free printable label from everydayfoodstorage.net!  Super easy, super yummy!

7) Paper Cookie Sleeves

These giant homemade cookies are made using a 1/4 cup of cookie dough each! and are great for handing out gifts to a larger number of people like coworkers or classmates. Then take paper CD holders and decorate the paper sleeves anyway you want (like the ribbon and stickers shown here from simlpystamping.com).  Or just attach a cute ribbon and a to and from tag.

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