Freezer Meals: Homemade "Hot Pocket" Sandwiches

Freezer Meal: Hot Pockets

Do you need a quick lunch, dinner, or after school snack? Almost no one would say the commercially made pocket sandwiches would be considered nutritional, I don't think. BUT they are convenient.  By making your own you can enjoy the convenience and bump up /control the ingredients.

 My Families Favorites are: Pizza Pockets, Taco Pockets, Ham & Cheese Pockets, and once in a while I make a Phillie Cheese-steak Pockets.

Below you'll choose your bread dough, then your filling choices. It's a great way to use left over meats. OR next time you are making grilled chicken, or taco meat, double it so you can save some for making your favorite pocket sandwiches.

Freezer Meals: Pocket Sandwiches


Bread Dough options:

Refrgerated crescent rolls (one roll will make 4 sandwiches)
Thawed (from freezer) dinner roll dough
Homemade bread dough
(Or use pita pockets and just stuff your filling in them!)

Filling options (These are just suggestions to get you started)

Meats/ Protein
Diced ham
Diced chicken
Taco seasoned ground meat
Italian Meat Sauce
Cooked Ground Sausage
Turkey Pepperoni
Shredded beef
cooked Black Beans

Chopped Vegetables:
green peppers
cooked carrots, celery

Optional mix-ins:
Shredded cheese
Pesto Sauce
Green chilies
BBQ Sauce

1) Prepare Bread dough:
Crescent dough: Unroll dough and keep 2 triangles together to form a rectangle and pinch the middle seam together.
Jan's Tip : I like to stretch my rectangle out by hand or rolling pin to make it a bit larger.

Thawed Frozen Bread Roll Dough: smash or use rolling pin (or stretch it by hand) until desired size. (6 inch circle approx.)

Homemade dough: Divide into equal portions and roll out into approximately 6 inch circles

2) Prepare Filling:
Whether you are only making one kind or more than one mix all your filling ingredients together including any cheeses and sauces in a bowl.

3) Build Sandwiches:
Place approximately 1/2 cup filling in the center of each bread dough.
Pull up the outer edges of the dough and pinch edges together to seal the dough.
Repeat to fill all dough with filling.

4) Freeze Sandwiches:
Flash freeze pockets on a lightly greased or parchment  paper lined cookie sheet until individually frozen.
Remove pockets from cookie sheet and store in a gallon sized freezer bag or air tight container.
Freeze up to 3 months.

Bake frozen pockets on baking sheet 20-25 minutes till heated through and bread dough is baked and golden.

MICROWAVE OPTION: If you want to make theses more microwave friendly, I recommend baking the pockets before freezing till done/nearly done. Then freeze as above.
To cook: Cut a small slit in the top of the pocket before cooking.  Microwave frozen pockets till heated through.  

What do you put in your pocket sandwich?

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