Hand Stitched Love Note

 Whipping up a cute love note for your sweetie, (or a daughter, mother, or friend) or just to use for decorating your home for Valentines is actually easier than you think. You really don't even have to have much (or any) experience with embroidery to do this craft.

In the time it took me to watch an episode of Downton Abbey  I stitched a sweet note on a vintage napkin.  I have never embroidered before, and the one above is actually my very first "practice" one. I am hoping to stitch a love note for my master bedroom makeover  on a vintage hankie (that is already hand embroidered beautifully, with pretty lace edging) but wanted to do a trial run first, which is what I'm showing you today.  I have a son leaving home in the next week or so for missionary work, so I am going a little crazy at the moment. If I get it done ever, I'll frame it up pretty and  put it on here for you.

In the meantime... enjoy my first attempt at it.

Here's how I did it.

1) Hand write in pencil your quote on your fabric.

2) Using your desired color embroidery thread one or two strands is fine, begin with a small straight stitch following your pencil outline:
A few tips that worked for me:
*  To avoid accidentally undoing your last stitch when you pull  your needle up from underneath exactly in the spot where you just pushed it down through, (assume I know this from doing it a kazillion times!)  pull it up where you actually want that stitch to end, and then back stitch it by meeting the needle exactly where the previous stitch ended.  (See photo below, where I need to now back stitch it up towards the top of the "n" to meet the previous stitch)
* Smaller stitches around curves will help you make it not so square.

Frame it up really pretty. I think it would be pretty without a mat, on a black or lace background, maybe an old wedding photo, dried flower, button, etc tucked into the frame/shadow box. the possibilities are endless. I just quickly repurposed my Love Note Memo Board to today's practice run.


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