Valentines Advent: Dinner Conversation Hearts

Family Valentine Ideas

These No Cost, Dinner Conversation Cards are a great way to celebrate being a family. Start them the first day of February and do one card every night for the whole month.  What a great way to have fun as a family, get to know each other better, and take a minute to just  be silly together for a moment. 

I had been trying to design my own idea around the theme of creating Valentine Dinner Conversation cards, when in my research I came across this great post! I used their great idea and made my own, using leftover scrap booking and construction paper I had on hand.

The idea around the dinner conversation hearts is simple, yet easy to adapt for your own family.  Whether you pull out one card and everyone answers the question, or only one person per night answers the card is up to you!

I threw in some fun challenge cards. These are great fun and challenge your children to get up and do something (usually with a parent involved, so be prepared to get your silly on!)

I loaded mine into a mason jar, and popped in some cotton balls every few hearts, so they won't all sink to the bottom of the jar. I put in around 30 hearts, so there are enough for one per night for the whole month.

Cut out 28 hearts and write your questions on the back.
Family traditions

I'll share mine to get you started:
Printable Copy:

Everyone answer the following: 

What superhero power would you pick?
What is your favorite spot in the house?
If you buried a treasure chest, what would be in it?
If my parents let me, i would.....
What did your dad wan't to be when he grew up?
Name one thing you are good at?
Name your Dad's dream car?
What is your most prized possession?
Favorite Silly Word?
My family is.....
If you were an animal what would you be?
I wish my family would....
If you could change your name, what would it be?
Name everyone's favorite ice cream flavor
I love to...
Sledding or swimming, what would you pick?
Favorite Food/Least favorite food
Name your brother/sisters' favorite toy.
My sister would rather: Play Sports or Dance?
My Mom does NOT like.....
Name everyone's favorite color
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Challenge Questions:
Challenge your Mom to sing the alphabet backwards.
Challenge your dad to name the 7 dwarfs in Snow White
Everyone get up and dance the Macarena
Everyone rotate chairs. Move one chair to the left.
Challenge your mom to a thumb war.
Family pillow fight after dinner
Dad must dance like a ballerina
Eat dinner without any silverware
Challenge your dad to arm wrestle

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