Freezing Green Onions

What to do with left over scallions

If you are anything like me you have a recipe that calls for green onions, but not the entire bunch, so you are stuck with all these extra green onions, and you find them going limp in the refrigerator before you find more ways to use them.

Let me show you what I do with mine. This will also work for you gardeners who have a bumper crop!

1) Using Kitchen Shears, snip the onions to desired size pieces (like above)
2) Spread chopped onions on a baking sheet in an individual layer and flash freeze till frozen solid.
3) Remove the frozen pan of chopped onions and store them in a freezer safe storage container. Store containers in the freezer till ready to use.
Jan's Tip: I love using a recycled water bottle. It's perfect for shaking out the desired amount into my recipe and then pop back into the freezer.
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