Momma D's Perfect Ribs

bbq ribs

I am sure you have a "Momma D" in your life just as we did. You know her. She's one of those "other mothers" you have had in your life.  For my husband that was the mother of one of of his best friends growing up. She was a wonderful "mom" to all the kids who wandered her way.

So when my husband brought me back home many years ago, to introduce me to family, of course we had to meet "Momma Davis".  My husband raved about her bbq spare ribs and so one evening she invited us over and taught me how to make them.  I was young (19) and had like almost zero cooking skills, but thanks to her and all those "other Momma's" I've had along the way, I find myself in their shoes now. Teaching what I 've learned to the next generation.
 So here is what she taught me almost 30 years ago:

Momma D's Perfect Ribs:

Let me define perfect:  The ribs should still hold together as a rib, but be tender enough to cut with your fork.

I prefer to buy boneless country ribs if possible. Since you are paying by weight, why pay for bones? This technique also works for a rack of ribs, just cut them down into 3-4 ribs per piece.

I have about 6 pounds of boneless pork ribs (and there are 6 ribs so they are HUGE!)

Step 1: Bring a very large pot of water to boiling over med-high heat.

Step 2: Add all the ribs to the pot and boil for 45 min.- 1 hour.

What you are looking for is tender with a fork, but not falling apart and crumbling. ! For my ribs that was one hour, but start checking at about the 45 min. mark, by piercing with a fork and check for tenderness. the fork should slide out pretty easily.

Step 3: Remove ribs from boiling water and place on a plate or cookie sheet.

Step 4: slather the ribs in your favorite sauce.

Step 5 Bake or grill the ribs. Some times I just oven bake the slathered ribs at 350 degrees for about 20 min. till the ribs and sauce are bubbly and hot.

Today I have put them on my panini press for about 5 minutes each to give them  that outdoor grilled taste without going outside (it's super cold today).

You can of course throw them on a grill outside for 5 minutes or so to give them grill marks and get the sauce and ribs to bake together perfectly.


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