Sugar Free (Or Not!) Rainbow Fruit Delight

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Rainbow Fruit Delight can be made nearly Sugar Free or not, by choosing Sugar Free or regular Jello. It's bright colors make it perfect for a spring family dinner such as Easter.  Finding Diabetic friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy is a challenge, but this wonderful side dish is perfect for everyone. The recipe is from verybestbaking.com (but I got it from the coupon section of my newspaper several years ago.)

Although this recipe has 3 different steps, spaced about 30 minutes apart, I didn't feel it was an all day thing (which if you know me, I generally don't do!) This was easy to make and do the next layer in between other household tasks, so I felt is was worth it! Plus I LOVE that it can be made the day before!

Jan's Tip: If you are making the Sugar Free Version:  There is naturally occuring fructose in the fruit, but no added sugar. Fructose does not spike your blood sugars quite the way refined sugar does, so it is easy to fit this one into their meal, just let them know about the fruit!

Rainbow Fruit Delight:
makes 8 servings

non-stick cooking spray
Jello:(Choose the 3 oz. boxes of regular jello or the .30 oz Sugar Free)  in the following flavors:
Strawberry, Orange, & Lemon
1 (8 oz.) can mandarin oranges drained
1 (8 oz) can crushed pineapple drained
1/2 cup frozen strawberries (about 8) thawed & drained
2 cans (12 oz. each) evaporated milk. (or make your own)

Coat a 9x5 inch baking pan (the bread pans) with non stick cooking spray

For Mandarin Orange Layer:
*Dissolve: orange Jello in 1/2 cup boiling water in a small bowl, and set aside 10 minutes.
*Place oranges, 1 cup evaporated milk , & the jello in a blender &  puree 10 seconds or until well blended.
*Pour puree into loaf pan.
*Refrigerate 30 minutes or until set.

For Pineapple-Lemon Layer:
Repeat process step by step exactly as you did for orange layer substituting  lemon Jello and drained, crushed pineapple.
Pour Puree over the orange layer.
Refrigerate 30 minutes or until set.

For Strawberry Layer:
Repeat process step by step exactly as you did the previous two layers substituting strawberry Jello&  thawed strawberries.
Pour Puree over the lemon layer
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. (this is a change in set time from previous steps!)

To Unmold:
Run point of a knife around edges of pan (just along the top is fine).
Dip pan into a large pan of warm water for 15-20 seconds.
Lift pan from water.
Place serving platter upside down on top of pan.
Flip the pan and platter together.
Shake slightly to loosen.
Gently remove the pan.
Cut into slices and serve.

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