Thrifty & Nifty Canning Jars Lids

I love canning jars! They are so handy for so many things! I wanted to share with you a few of my thrifty and nifty ways to put new lids on them to use for other purposes.

These are all no cost or low cost which is even better!

1) Pour Spout/Shaker Lid
Did you know that those green lids from an empty jar of grated paremsan cheese fits perfectly on a canning jar?  Perfect to make your own dressings or sauces. My hubby loves to use them when he opens a jar of my home canned salsa. Makes pouring the salsa super easy!

2) Pour Spout from a Salt Container
Here is another great way to reuse an empty container. This pour spout cut from an empty salt container is perfect for keeping salt handy by the stove (but in a much cuter container than the cardboard one!) when cooking, or for other bulk seasonings .

here's a quick tutorial on how I did it:
 I took the extra step of covering my lid with scrapbooking paper, but it is not necessary.
here's how I did it:
    Cut off top from empty salt container
    Trace around a canning lid as shown
    Cut out around your traced lines.
     Place new lid on jar and secure w/ a canning ring.

3. Flowering arranging  Lid: byfourcornersdesign.blogspot.com
A flower frog is a grid that helps you know where to put flowers to arrange them yourself. You just stick a stem in every square and helps you design your own flower arrangements.
Here is a simple idea to make your own for your canning jars, instead of buying them. (Yes you can buy canning jar "frog" lids, if you didn't know).
This photo is from Four Corners Design. Click on the link to go see how they did it!

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