Container Gardening: Growing Blueberries On Your Porch

photo credit; cobblestonefarms.biz

Have limited gardening space, or renting a house or apartment where you can't go digging up the lawn to garden or plant the things you really want to?  Growing your own blueberries is easier than you think. Wouldn't it be fun to just open your door and pick some blueberries for breakfast?
It stays beautiful year round providing pretty autumn color.

Yep, you can do it!  Southern Living'sGardening Magazine from May 2008  tells us how:


Deep container filled with good gardening soil and peat moss.
Southern living suggests  going to a nursery and ask for a Rabbiteye blueberry bush (Good varieties are: Delite or Tifblue). Make sure to find one that is already in bloom in spring or bearing fruit if you start this project in summer.

Fill container with the mix of garden soil and peat moss.
Plant bush in container and water thoroughly.
Thoroughly cover top of soil in container with mulch (this will help retain moisture)
Keep container in partial to full sun.
Reminder that containers dry out quickly, so during hot weather check and water daily.

Every spring and fall add a little azeala bush fertilizer.

want to read more? Here is a great article on how to do it:
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