Freezer Meals: Smoothie Mix

smoothie master mix
Do you and your family love making smoothies? For me they can be a quick breakfast on the go. For many people they also are a great way to get those veggies into their picky eaters.

My favorite way to make smoothies is to make the smoothie base into ice cubes and then pop a few frozen cubes along with some milk, and for me I throw in a scoop of protein powder and hit the blender and in a matter of minutes I am out the door.

Truthfully, I never use a recipe. I usually just throw in the blender whatever I have on hand like this mix below: Strawberries (some fresh some frozen), blueberries, spinach, pumpkin puree, strawberry yogurt, a little milk I needed to use up, and  I had about 1 scoop left of banana protein powder, so in it went.  If you would like some exact recipes to follow I'll share a few of my favorite links at the bottom of the post.
Puree your mix till well blended:
Pour into ice cube trays and freeze till solid, then pop out cubes and store in a freezer safe container or bag:
Now your ready to pop a few of these cubes into your blender or bullet blender, with some added milk and or yogurt, protein powder your a  moment away from a quick on the go smoothie.

Ok as promised here are a few links to some great smoothie recipes:
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