Upcycle Mason Jar Herb Garden

Gardening does not have to be big and labor intensive! You can easily fall in love with gardening by starting with a fun yet simple project.

Today I am  creating a fun, easy, yet beautiful herb garden for my sunny front porch. This can also be done on any railing or even attached to a window sill if you wanted to.

Let's get started on my herb garden:
Since I have a huge obsession (and a growing collection) of mason jars, I am using them today to make an herb garden.  You can also use some empty food jars such as pasta, salsa etc. they will work just as well.
Mason Jars, glass jars or any pot will work
Hose /pipe clamps (1 for each jar, found at home improvement stores)
small screws/ flat head and phillips screwdrivers
Potting soil
handful of small pebbles

1. Paint jars if desired. This is not required, and the clear jars looks great! I am using old painted mason jars that  have a natural distressed look to them.
2. Decide on the location of your jars on your porch railing.   Secure the hose/pipe clamps into the desired locations by screwing the clamp to the railing as shown:
3) Tighten the clamp snugly around the jar by using the flat head screwdriver and turning the  screw attached to the clamp:

4. Place a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the jars (this helps with water drainage) then adding the potting soil.
5. Plant herbs into the pots and water well.

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