Back to School: Make Your Own Thrifty Ice Packs

With children heading back to school, you may find yourself grabbing those commercial ice packs that go in their lunch boxes. Don't do it!  You can make your own for about 25 cents a piece or less! They work like a charm, and you can just reuse them over and over!

They are great for healing boo-boo's too!

At the dollar store, grab a pack of those regular sponges.

soak the sponges in water till they are dripping wet.

Place wet sponges in Ziplock type plastic storage bags.

Place in freezer till frozen.

When you are ready to send the kids out the door, grab an ice pack and toss into their lunch box. The water will slowly melt, but be contained in the bag. The sponge will soak the water back up when it thaws and is ready to go back into the freezer for another time!
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