Freezer Meal: Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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With busy schedules, it is often hard to find a quick, on the go breakfast that satisfies everyone, but that you can feel good about also.  Keeping these Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwiches handy will fit the bill! Waffles stuffed with a high protein- double cheese combo and some lightly sweet jam are pre-made and then lightly browned in a skillet. In just moments you can have your loved ones dashing out the door with breakfast in hand. I originally found the recipe at www.fabulouslyfrugal.com.

What I love is the flexibility you have in either using the premade store bought waffles or making your own whole grain, or multigrain waffles. Making a large batch of  whole wheat waffles for this freezer meal can be easily done the next time you are making waffles for your family, double the batch and cook up some extra. You can store them in the freezer if you are not ready to make these grilled cheese sandwiches and then just pull them out of the freezer when you are ready.

I also love the protein added in with cottage cheese.Think your family will turn up there nose at the cottage cheese? They wont' even know it's in there! It is your secret! If just blends and melts right in with the cream cheese and is not really noticeable at all. (Trust me !)

You could easily substitute fresh sliced fruits for the jam if you'd like too!

Here's how to make them:
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Breakfast Grilled Cheese
Makes 4 sandwiches

2/3 cup softened cream cheese
1/2 cup small curd cottage cheese
4 Tblsp. powdered confectioners' sugar (plus a little more for topping)
8 frozen waffles (untoasted)
2-4 Tablespoons jam (and flavor)
2 Tablespoons butter

Mix together until well blended the cream cheese, cottage cheese and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl.
Spread 4 waffles with the jam.

Spread the cheese mixture over the jam layer, dividing the cheese mixture evenly between the 4 waffles.

Cover with the remaining 4 waffles.

To Freeze: Place sandwiches in an airtight freezer safe bag or container. Freeze up to about 2 months.

To Bake:
Thaw sandwiches in the refrigerator overnight.
Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add the sandwiches and cook until golden brown on each side. (about 3 minutes per side.)
Let sandwiches rest 1 minute before serving. Sprinkle sandwiches with a dash of powdered sugar if desired.

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