Cold & Flu Sick Caddy

With cold and flu season coming up, it's a great time to make a carry around portable tote that is stocked with all the supplies a family member would need to have bed (or couch) side when they are feeling under the weather.

I like to make 2 kinds:
1) One for the house that is easy to tote around.

Grab a plastic shower caddy for around $2.00 if you don't have one. It's worth it to have the grab and go handle.

2) A mini version to mail off to college students or send along with a traveling family member.

I send off in a plastic pencil case box to my college aged children or anyone traveling, so when a cold or flu strikes they don't have to crawl their way to a store to pick up supplies while they feel yucky. Having a "go to" box with all the basics will get them feeling some relief right away.

What you store in yours is completely dependent upon the age of your family members.
For children you may want a few fun things to do and less medication stored in it, for teens and adults you may want more over the counter medications in there within reach.

I'll share a few ideas to get you started.
Printable List

Sick Caddy Inventory Ideas:


Thermometer/disposable thermometer covers.
Cough drops/syrup/vitamin C drops
Water bottle
Hand Sanitizer
Lip balm
The doctors and pharmacy phone numbers written on card and taped to the caddy.
For college student caddy include a copy of the insurance card too.
Bendy Straws. (I insist on bendy straws when sick. perfect for taking sips of water/juice while lying down, plus they are more fun)


Over the Counter Medications:
pain relievers
fever reducers
decongestants/cold medications
(both day time and night time versions)
Stomach relievers such as Pepto Bismal
anti acids
anti diarrhea


I always grab a few new dollar store toys/activities that they have never played with before.
It's nice to have some options when they've watched too much tv but can't run around yet.

crayons/coloring books
Puzzle books
silly putty/comic section of newspaper.

Some additions to keep on hand:
Face masks
Canned or instant soups
Decaffeinated tea
Heat or ice pack
Toilet paper (I know obvious but still...)
Household cleaners (seriously, I have a vomit cleaner kit separate. They always end up on the carpet.)
Paper towels

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