Frosty Mason Jar Luminaries

Winter Craft Ideas

 Creating these wintery/frosty luminaries is the EASIEST project! In just a few minutes you can turn any mason jar into a beautiful luminary for your porch or to give as gifts.

Ok, this poor jar REALLY needs some red  & white gingham ribbon!

 Mason Jar Luminaries:

Mason Jars
Icy glass frost Spray (found at JoAnn's fabric or Hobby Lobby carries a version from Martha Stewart)


Follow the directions on the can of ice frost spray and spray the outsides of the mason jar

It starts to crack and form "Ice crystals within a minute or so and continues for several minutes. Here is a close up of the action:

Jan's Tip: My spray tip clogged right away. The can gives directions to soak the tip in warm water to unclog it and that did the trick for me, so read the can before you start, it will help save frustration.

Once jar is completely frosted (will take about 5 minutes) Tuck some every green branches, or holly berry branches, pine cones, and a battery operated tea light. Or you can frost a votive candle holder also and let it rest inside the mouth of the jar and have a votive  candle at the top of the jar:

Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar to finish it off. A cute cinnamon stick or cinnamon applesauce ornament would be cute tied to the ribbon also.
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