EZ Ways to Decorate Packages for Shipping

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I have an extraordinary amount of packages to ship for the holidays! Seriously a ton! Over the years I have had to come up with creative ways to wrap gifts that will be shipped across the country or even to far parts of the globe, so that they will not look all squished and "flat" when the box is opened.

My very favorite (and I really mean this!) is using Duck Brand®  EZ Start Printed Packaging TapeThis strong, yet festive tape is my favorite for several reasons. The tape quality! It holds up to the worst shipping conditions, and the tape and  EZ Start ® tape dispenser does not leave you trying to find the ends of the tape stuck back on the roll! Never happens. It really is so easy to use! 

The holiday prints Peppermint and Ornaments are what I am using this year, but they have every day prints of Daisies and Paisley's that are perfect for shipping packages after the holidays too!  

Let me help get your creative juices flowing! I'll share a few of my favorite ways to dress up my holiday packages and then a bonus idea I use to bring the festive into my home!

Gift tags


Cut a large gift tag shape out of card stock paper (or buy large tags)

Cover the front side of the tag in  Duck Brand® EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape.

Glue down (I really use a loop of tape so the bottom tag can be reused) a smaller tag in a coordinating color to write your to/from info.

Hole Punch a hole in the center top of the tag, and tie a ribbon or string throught the hole.


Ribbon Substitute

I hate the look of flattened ribbon when sending a gift to someone. So my trick is to use plain wrapping paper ( kraft paper brown, reds, green's and whites are my favorite!)  and dress it up with these festive holiday designs.  Criss Cross like above, or diagonal stripes, use your creativity! 

Cute Banners!

I love making cute miniature banners with EZ Start ® Printed Packaging Tape! It's perfect for any time of year and really brightens up a birthday gift too! 

Let me show you how I did it!

1) Cut out onto paper or card stock a small double triangle or other shape see below

2) Using a sharpie marker trace your double triangle template onto the packaging tape:

3) Cut out shape from packaging tape.

4. Line up the sticky back side center of the shape over the string like below:

5) Carefully fold the two points of the triangles together and press to form one triangle flag 

6) Repeat process spacing your Mini triangle flags apart at desired distances. 

I prefer an odd number of flags on my banners, but it's up to you.

Then just hot glue the ends and the underside of each mini flag to the package with a tiny dot of hot glue (or clear tape will do)

Sorry I actually shipped my packages before I realized I forgot to take a photo of the package with the green banner by itself! Here's a close up of a different banner though!


Light Switch Covers

I promised you a bonus idea for the home, and here it is! Add just a bit more pizzazz all over your house by adding Duck Brand ® EZ Start ® Printed Packaging Tape to all your light switch covers! Its easy to remove after the holidays and even though you can see the seams of the tape in the photo above, you can not see them from across the room, Everyone will wonder how you did it!

Here's my ez peazy tips:
Remove cover with screw driver

tear off stips of packaging tape slightly longer than longest side of cover. 

Align one edge of tape along side the center opening of the light switch cover

gently press down and over the edge.

Cut off extra over lap along the outer edge.

Repeat on other side. 

Repeat with smaller strips along top and bottom edges that are still exposed.

Replace cover on light switch.

For more creative ways to use Duck Brand ® EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape follow them on Twitter @TheDuckBrand

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