Prayer Basket: A Spiritual Holiday Tradition Using Those Holiday Cards!

Spiritual Family Traditions
My Prayer Basket is a wooden sleigh handmade by my father!

I love simplicity! The holiday season seems to bring out the chaos, and that can drown out the easiest ways to help your family focus on more than just the glitter and gifts.  Here is a great tradition you can start whether you are single, empty nesters, or filled to the brim with people in your home.

Grab a basket, tuck in all those Christmas cards. Set the basket on your dinner table.

Jan's Tip: I actually save the ones from the year before for this idea, and still display the current cards in my home. Then at the end of the season, I trade off, use the old cards for cutting up into crafts/gift tags, etc. and tuck the current years cards in the basket for next year.

Before dinner, let someone pick a card out of the basket.  Include that person or family in your evening meals' prayer. Express your gratitude for this person/family both in your prayer and to each other, share a memory!   I know that seems uber simple, but really gives you one more opportunity to invite the spirit of unity,love, friendship, gratitude, kindness, etc. into your home.

Not a believer in prayer? What if you still used the idea to write down in  a journal or just say out loud, your gratitude for this person in your life. Send out those good, positive vibes into the world! You'll be happier and it is a great way to decompress, and let go of the daily stress and relax!

What simple traditions do you keep in your home?


  1. What a beautiful tradition! I had never thought of doing something like that. How lovely. :-)

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend!


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