Italian Sloppy Joes: Freezer Meal

Italian Sloppy Joes make the perfect meal on a busy night! Or make a batch and store in the freezer for a quick heat and eat meal to take to work for lunch or even an inbetween activities snack.   

One can of of Sloppy Joe Sauce and one lb. of ground meat will make about 6 sandwiches. I usually grab 2 cans and double this recipe and make a bulk batch of 12 Sandwiches to store individually wrapped in my freezer. My football playing teenager and his friends can come home from practice and  grab one (or two),  heat and eat in a matter of minutes.    
Italian Sloppy Joes
Makes approx. 6 sandwiches
1 can  Sloppy Joe Sauce
1 lb. ground meat (hamburger or turkey)
6 slices Provolone cheese
12-18 slices of sandwich sized pepperoni
6 Chiabatta Sandwich Rolls (or any sandwich buns)
freezer paper or pint sized freezer bags


  • In skillet over medium heat, cook hamburger, crumble and drain and grease.

  • Add in Manwich Sloppy Joes Sauce and stir till well blended and heated through.

  • If serving immediately, turn heat to simmer while you prepare the Sandwiches.

  • If making to store in the freezer, remove skillet from heat and set aside while making the sandwiches.

  • Slice Ciabatta Rolls in half (across their middle) if they did not come presliced.

  • Set aside the tops of the rolls till later.

  • Place a slice of cheese on each bun.

  • Top each cheese slice with 2-3 sandwich sized pepperoni slices (I used 3 each)

  • Divide Sloppy Joe meat & sauce evenly between the six sandwiches on top of the pepperoni slices

  • Place top buns on top of each sandwich.

  • Serve immediately or wrap each sandwich in freezer paper (or freezer bags) and label.

  • Freeze up to 2 months.
To reheat:
Ideally you would pull the sandwiches out of the freezer the morning you want them for dinner to thaw in the refridgerator.

To heat from thawed: Unwrap sandwiches and heat in microwave till warm (time varies by oven ) Or wrap sandwiches in foil and place on cookie sheets and heat in oven at 325° 10-15 minutes till warmed through.

To heat from frozen: I have found more success unwrapping the sandwiches and heating in the microwave 1-2 minutes (Depending on your individual oven, time will vary) till sandwhiches are warmed through.

When I have heated them from frozen the oven, the bread tended to get a little on the crispy side, because they need to stay in the 325° oven 20-25 minutes till heated through, but that is just my personal preference.

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