Recycled Door Headboard

Making a headboard from an old door is easier than you think! There are many ways to turn a door into a headboard. I"ll show you mine and give you a few alternative ideas for my door as well. blogfall 289b

Step One:  Decide on the Size

Measure the width of your bed. This will help determine the length of the door you are looking for.

I had two old brass wall sconces  that I wanted to mount onto the headboard on each end of the headboard, so I chose a door slightly longer than the width of my bed.

Step Two: Door hunting 

I highly recommend heading straight to your closest Habitat For Humanity Restore! (No, I am not being paid to say that, I just love them!)  That's where I found mine, and is my first place I hunt for anything I need for the house. It is all donated items. The prices are super inexpensive, and the money goes toward building habitat for humanity homes.

Look for doors with character. I found half of a set of antique french doors. the door was not too wide, and was a great length for my project, and the price was right $10.oo

Step Three: Designing the Headboard

I chose to leave the tempered (safety) glass in the door. It is for a guest room and will only get occasional use. This would not be suitable for a highly used room or for children. blogfall 271

Several other design options I considered were to take out the glass center and use:
  • Bead board
  • Old wooden pallets cut into "planks"
  • Padded headboard: Plywood covered in batting and fabric.
Step Four: Prepping the Door
  • I am painting and then distressing my door. So I took a fine grit sand paper and lightly sanded the door. I did not wish to strip off all the old layers of paint, as I wanted to use them, so I sanded off the flaking paint and smoothed out the surface.
  • If you are wanting to completely strip off any old paint you'll want to use paint stripper.
  • If you are planning on painting any added bead board or pallet planks, you'll want to apply a coat of primer to those surfaces.
Step Five: Making the Head Board
  • I had a sage green paint left over from a bedroom, so I chose to use it as the main paint color.  I painted two coats of the sage green  paint.
  • Using a sander, I distressed my headboard by sanding through the paint in random spots on the headboard. I applied different amounts of pressure to let all the old layers of paint show through.blogfall 274b
  • Using leftover metallic nickel spray paint, I spray painted the old brass wall sconces.
  • My husband drilled holes into the headboard in the desired location for the lights and ran the electric cords through them and mounted the lights to the headboard with screws.blogfall 293b
Step Six: Mounting the Headboard
  • We marked the desired location for the headboard on the wall with a pencil.
  • Next we installed a  scrap piece of  2x4 to the wall where the bottom of  the headboard will be, by using drywall screws mounted to the studs behind the drywall. This will help hold the weight of the door. Make sure it is level.
  • Using a stud finder mark the location of the studs at the location of the top of the headboard. We did this at each end of the headboard.
  • Grab an extra helper and have them help you place the headboard on the 2x4 on the wall.  Using flat brackets, secure the headboard to the 2x4.blogfall 281b
  • At the marks you made for the studs, slide an "L" bracket.
  • Remove the headboard from the 2x4. Screw the "L" brackets into the wall through the studs to secure.
  • Remount the headboard on the 2x4 on the wall. Check to make sure the headboard is level.
  • Screw the top part of the " L" bracket to the top of the headboard.blogfall 280b
Headboard is now mounted to the wall!

My final cost was about $15 dollars. I used scraps of wood, recycled old lamps, and used up cans of paint I had on hand. The only purchases I made were for the door, the mounting brackets and the drywall screws. Now, I need to find some "new" nightstands.  Any suggestions??blogfall 290

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