Upcycled Indoor Greenhouse

Starting your garden seeds indoors a few weeks before spring planting season is a great way to get a jump start on things. An empty Rotisserie Chicken Container is the way to get your seeds started without spending any money, plus there is one extra benefit....

The lid keeps my cats out of the new vegetable sprouts!
What drove me to finally figure out to use my empty chicken containers is the fact that for several seasons in a row, no matter how much I tried to hide the new plants while they were indoors and keep them away from it, the darned things would manage to get to them!

My cat Ty-Ty's favorite? I'd say from  the nibble marks  and the fact that he has been caught with 'green bean breath" (just kidding!)it is the green bean plants!

Today since it late January while I am doing this project to post here, I am not ready to start with actual vegetable plants.  I have a packet of "cat grass" and am growing  that for a treat for them, and an excuse to show you the greenhouse.

There is  not much to it:

  • Poke or drill holes in the bottom of the bottom container for drainage holes.
  • Fill with garden soil
  • plant your seeds
  • water seeds
  • cover with lid and set in a sunny spot.
  • (I placed mine on a plate to catch the drain water at the bottom)
  • Water as needed per seed instructions.
What do you do with your recycled containers?

George (Black Cat) and the ring leader: Ty-Ty
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