Dehydrating Green Onions

Dehydrating Green Onions is an easy way to preserve them if you find yourself with a garden overflowing. I do freeze them as well, but love to dehydrate them along with other herbs and turn them into a savory herb blend or even just plain green onion powder to cook with.

I do find that larger pieces of green onions do not really rehydrate well.  They turn rather stringy and tough, so I find it's best to freeze the onions I want to mix into recipes for soups, salads, etc. and  turn the dried onions into herb blends and powders to season with.

To dehydrate cut green onions into small pieces. (You can cut them smaller than I did!)
Dry on lowest setting (if you can adjust your temperature) for 4-5 hours till completely dried and the onions are easily crumbled.

From here you can puliverize into powder in a food processor or crush into small pieces to mix into a Savory Herb blend with dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage

Store in cool, airtight container.

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