Freezer 101: Flash Freezing

Flash Freezing. You may have read it in a recipe or tutorial on freezer foods/meals, even here at Tip Garden, and wondered exactly what it is. 

Do you ever buy a package of frozen fruits or vegetables and wonder how each vegetable/fruit piece is not stuck all together in a big glob? If you have ever dumped them in a bag yourself and put them in your freezer, only to later pull out a frozen "brick".

Flash freezing is a way to freeze food, but not have them all stuck together, so you can just pull out what you need each time.

This is perfect for homemade French fries, fruits for smoothies or baking (Blueberry pancakes anyone?), or sprinkling vegetables into soups or recipes.

I use flash freezing any time I am freezing big batches of anything that then may be stored all together in one container. I use this method ALL the time!

To Flash Freeze:


Large flat baking sheets
optional: Freezer paper or non stick cooking spray (not always necessary)
Freezer containers


Clean and prepare food according to recipe or as you prefer to cook them later.
If food is partially cooked or delicate, then line baking sheets with freezer paper or cooking spray.
Lay food in a single layer on flat baking sheets.
Place sheets in freezer laying them level.
Freeze approx. 1 hour till each piece of food is frozen solid.
Remove frozen food from baking sheets and immediately transfer to freezer containers.
Label and refreeze immediately.
When ready to use, just pull out as much as you need. reseal and refreeze unused portions
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