How to Ripen Green Tomatoes Indoors

Last year at the end of the growing season I had an abundance of green tomatoes that were just out of time to ripen on the vine. I started looking through all my options on recipes using green tomatoes. There are many out there! tomato relish, pickled green tomatoes, green enchilada sauce, sreen salsa verde, etc.
but the truth is I just didn't feel like making any of them! Not wanting to waste the tomatoes either, I decided to ripen them indoors.

This method is super easy. You will however lose a few that go bad before ripening, but in this batch I'm showing you today I think I threw out 5 or 6 little ones total. The remaining all ripened just fine indoors.

The basic idea is to pick them, lay them flat in a warm but out of the way place (not so out of the way that you forget about them, though!) and let the warm indoors turn into a sort of "hot house" to help them ripen.
You'll always have a few that just won't ripen (the 5-6 that I lost), but the remaining bunch will ripen at different lengths of time. I believe the last of mine ripened at about the 3 week mark, but your time will vary some.

1) Pick them: here's mine fresh off the vine:

2) Lay them flat on a cookie sheet, or box lid in a warm out of the way place (ok mine are on my kitchen table, so not really out of the way!)

3) Every few days check on them, rotate them a little. Toss the ones going mushy or black.
4) As they ripen, wash them and use them!

Here's a look at my tray of tomatoes every few days or so. I just kept removing the ripe ones, turning the remaining ones, and remove them as they turned ripe.

Final Product: Canned Spaghetti Sauce

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