How to Soften & Dewrinkle Line Dried Clothes

How to Soften and Dewrinkle line dried clothes.

If you have ever dried your clothes outside to save on energy, you know that some of your clothes and towels will come in stiff and wrinkled. I have  a tip that will help keep your line dried clothes soft and reduce the wrinkles.

Grab your bottle of homemade wrinkle spray, and toss it into your laundry basket as you go outside.

After hanging the clothes on the line, while they are still damp. give a quick spritz of the wrinkle spray onto the clothes.

Smooth out the clothes with a brief swipe of your hand.

Although they won't come off the line, quite the same as using your dryer does, they will be soft not stiff, and have a lot less wrinkles to deal with!

The best part is, you still saved money from not using your dryer, and made the planet a little "greener"!

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