Peeling an Orange Trick

Here is the trick for peeling an orange fast and easy!
Even with those easy peel mandarin oranges, a person could spend half their lunch time peeling. Here is a fast and easy trick, to peeling and orange quickly, and having those slices ready to grab and eat!

For your child's lunch box, do step one, and then put the orange in a container or sandwich bag. Let the child split open the orange and pull the slices off one by one!

1) Cut off the top and bottom of the orange.
2) Split open the orange.
3)The orange segments will be ready to just grab and eat!



  1. Does the white pith that runs down the middle just lift out? I thought it was connected to the segments. Pretty cool.

    1. Sakura, sorry it took so long to respond, I had a horrible dental procedure that kicked my butt. There can be a little bit on regular oranges. I usually by the little Halo type easy to peel tangerines for lunches, and they have very little normally. But when you slice the top and bottom it makes removing that little bit in between slices super easy.


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