Pom Pom Pens

These pom pom pens are not only super cute, they make a fun "learning to sew" project for your older children.

I made them first for a co-worker for her birthday, and as you can imagine word quickly spread and then everyone wanted one. Just beware they are popular!
Pens (round, smooth surface ones)
Fabric (I buy the quarter panels for less than a dollar at Walmart)
Duck Tape brand Duct tape in fun patterns
Hot Glue (hot temp is best)

How To:
Wrap pens in fun styles of Duck tape brand duct tape:

Cut a 4 inch wide by 13 inch long stip of fabric

Fold fabric stip in half

Snip strips along the raw edge of folded fabric, stopping 1/2 inch before the fold.

Sew a running stitch (up-down-up-down) along full length of the folded edge.

Pull one end of the thread to gather the fabric together.

Tightly tie a knot in both ends of the threads to create a circle/pom-pom. shape.

Fluff and separate the fabric stips.

Turn pom pom upside down and place on work surface.

Hot glue the top of the pen to the center of the gathered part of the pom pom.
Hold in place while it sets firm.

Let pen rest till glue is cooled.

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